Styled Shoot

A Beautiful Boho Chic Shoot at Worcester Glamping

Photography: Tanya Flannagan Photography

Tanya coordinated a boho chic styled shoot in the beautiful setting of Worcester Glamping. Keeping in theme with pretty pinks, gold candles and organic dyed fabrics – any boho bride would love this whimsical combination!  

“As being “boho bride” is on trend right now, and with the ever growing market of ‘chilled’ and ‘relaxed’ weddings – I wanted to create an idea that you can keep the both classy and elegant look, but with a slight twist in the idea.”

Fun pops of colour, rustic and pretty stationery and a gorgeous bespoke denim jacket provided an unique twist on this shoot that any fun loving girl would totally love.

“We had lovely Perspex signage outside, and organic and vegan dyed cloths for the top table decoration – making the details really stand out against the floristry and centrepieces. Not to mention the amazing bouquets and hoops –  which are slightly different to the usual bouquets for the bridesmaids, giving it a nice little quirky variation to the bride!”

Subtle and elegant bridal makeup complimented the theme beautifully. It was timeless and pretty. Stunning accessories added a touch of elegance.

We personally love the food element of this shoot. Luxury tasters including a mixture of canapés, cookies and fruit platters are a treat for the eyes.

“The food was super exciting. It gives an idea that you can add lots of little touches! Of course, the cake was a talking point on the day!”

“I had so much fun on this shoot and had a blast creating a fun, party kind of vibe – but also super sweet. I thought all of this would go well with my light and airy wedding editing, to make it pretty and romantic too.”

Suppliers involved:
Photographer & Organiser: Tanya Flannagan Photography, Venue: Worcester Glamping, Dresses: Gatehouse Brides, Accessories: Julieann Bird, Hair: Bella Amoré Hair, Makeup: Helena Shakespeare, Suits: Bill Child Formal Wear, Cake: The Green Bean Cake Co, Flowers: Hannah Lauren Floristry, Stationery: Made By Rae Designs, Catering: Sticky Fig Catering, Stylist & Props: Wild Meadow Weddings, Sashes & LOVE Letters: Love & Magic Wedding and Events Services, Tables & Chairs: The Marquee Company Worcestershire, Bespoke Denim Jacket: Sammy Lea’s Retro Emporium, Personalised Candles: Kiss-Air Candles, Signage: More Than Words Studio, Cookies: The Cookie Mumster


Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist (Free Downloadable PDF!)

Planning your wedding and don’t know where to start? Bouquet & Bells have put together an ultimate Wedding Planning checklist, covering every aspect of the planning process right from the word go to your wedding day.

Use our step-by-step guide to help ease the stress of planning your wedding day.

Download your FREE printable Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist. Print and check off as you go!

You can download more of our free planning resources by clicking here.



Attend a Wedding Fayre

Wedding Fayre’s are fantastic opportunity to meet local suppliers and to gain inspiration by the latest trends and new innovative ideas. Get your bridal / grooms parties together and organise a few trips to various shows near you.

You can view our line up of Wedding Fayres here.

Use Pinterest for Inspiration

Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration, especially if you’re willing to get your hands dirty and DIY a few bits & bobs! Start browsing and save some favourites.

Start a Healthy Eating & Exercise Program

If you want to lose some weight or simply tone up for your wedding then why not form a weekly plan on small changes to start right away. You and a friend could go to the gym together, or perhaps some evening power walks.

Introduce / Keep on Top of your Skincare Routine

Makeup artists will always say that your base is so important to achieving a flawless makeup look. A good skincare routine is key. Seek professional advise from a skincare expert as to what you should do to tailor to your specific skincare needs.

Decide on a Gift List

If you have a specific gift list you would like your guests to follow, make one available by enclosing it with your wedding invitations or display on your wedding website if you have one.

And finally… enjoy every minute of your wedding day because it will go so fast! The important thing is that you make all the decisions for you as a couple and not to worry about anyone else.

Remember you can download more of our Wedding Planning resources by clicking here.

Business Guidance

The Impact of Social Media at a Wedding Fayre – A Guide for Exhibitors (Part 3)

Photo Credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography

We were thrilled to be guest speakers at the recent Wedding Industry Supplier Network event. We spoke about how to get the most out of exhibiting at a Wedding Fayre, sharing all our insider tips including the essential dos and don’ts.

Following this discussion, we decided to publish a series of posts outlining everything you need to know. Our last post was all about the do’s and don’ts of exhibiting at a Wedding Fayre, and what you can do to ensure every box is ticked to give you the best possible chance of securing those all important bookings. Not read it yet? Click here to read the full post.

This post focuses on the impact of social media at a Wedding Fayre and how you can use it to your benefit.

The connections on social media platforms are endless and it’s important you make the most of this as an exhibitor. As an organiser, we put around 80% of our advertising budget into promotion on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. These are used throughout the organisational process to continuously promote on. We’ve found that we attract the most brides through these platforms and we’ve learnt how to use them well. 

Use Your Followers

Every business has a following, and we encourage exhibitors to use this to their benefit. Our Wedding Fayres host anywhere between 25 – 100 exhibitors, and with so many wedding specialists coming together the online reach can be extraordinary. It’s important that your followers are informed where they can next find you, and giving them an opportunity to meet you and chat to you face-to-face may just encourage a booking!

Marketing Plan

We send a comprehensive marketing plan as part of our Exhibitor Manual to all exhibitors that attend our shows. This is made up of lots of ways they can help spread the word about the Wedding Fayre.

It’s essential that we work with exhibitors to help boost visitor numbers. While we have a great following with lots of excited couples and a fantastic list of pre-registered couples for each show, working together can result in even more people visiting the shows which gives suppliers a better chance of securing those all important bookings.  

Continue Social Media at the Show

Your social media presence at a Wedding Fayre is so important. Why not take a photograph of you at your stall and let your followers know you’ve arrived. We’d always recommend using the official hashtag (provided in the marketing plan) and tagging us in all of your posts so we can share to our following.

Wedding Fayres are also a fantastic way to network with other Wedding Specialists. Why not have a wonder around before show opening and exchange social media handles with fellow exhibitors.

We love helping to make connections. We always publish a list of exhibitors to our social media platforms and website prior to a Wedding Fayre, making it super easy for suppliers to connect in advance.

Business Guidance

The Dos and Don’ts of Exhibiting at a Wedding Fayre – A Guide for Exhibitors (Part 2)

Bloomsbury Wedding Cakes. Photo Credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography

We were thrilled to be guest speakers at the recent Wedding Industry Supplier Network event. We spoke about how to get the most out of exhibiting at a Wedding Fayre, sharing all our insider tips including the essential dos and don’ts.

Following this discussion, we decided to publish a series of posts outlining everything you need to know. Our last post was all about preparing for a Wedding Fayre, and what you can do to ensure every box is ticked to give you the best possible chance of securing those all important bookings. Not read it yet? Click here to read the full post.

This post is focused on the crucial dos and don’ts of exhibiting at a Wedding Fayre. Here we go!



Do remain standing throughout the show if you can help it

You’ll appear much more welcoming and approachable to couples if you are standing. Additionally if space allows, try to stand to the side or in front of your stall.


Do have an incentive such as sweet treats on your stall

Having an incentive in viewing distance of the visitor like a sweet treat, or special offer will encourage brides to take advantage of this and engage in conversation.


Do collect Brides details

Collecting brides details is very important because it will enable you to contact them after the show. It’s often the case that Wedding Fayres are very busy with continuous fresh faces passing your stall. If you engage in a long conversation with a particular bride, it’s likely that you’ll miss potential customers that pass by. Therefore, it’s best to speak to brides but encourage them to write down their details so you can chat to them further after the fayre.

If you don’t quite manage to capture as many details as you would have liked, we always have all the bridal data available to purchase following a show. 


Do make your services clear

It should be super clear who you are and what you can do. First impressions are everything. You don’t want to mislead brides or leave them confused as this could detract from potential business.


Do make sure all banners and promotional material are in good condition

I’ve seen multiple suppliers feature tatty banners on their stand that look like they’ve been around for about 10 years. It’s so important not just to keep banners fresh, but to update the artwork and wording to keep everything current.


Do have someone else helping you on the day

There’s a very high chance that you’ll spend the majority of your time speaking to multiple couples, and there may be times where you’re in such high demand with a line of people wishing to speak to you about your services. Try to bring a helping hand with you on the day. Preferably someone that knows a little about your business and can therefore pass the right information on to brides.


Do social media

Being active on social media is not just to help promote the fayre, but it’s to promote yourselves. We’re always hot on social media at our events, so it’s likely that anything you post will be shared on our platforms, allowing our brides and suppliers to connect with you.

There are lots of ways to become involved on social media. Live videos are a fantastic way of giving your followers a taste of the wedding fayre. 




Don’t accept the standard furniture included with your space

I know this may seem odd as we offer a 6ft trestle table, plain white table cloth and chairs as standard across our shows, but not using this and creating your own unique set up sets you aside from the average stall and will make you stand out. Even switching the table cloth to one of your own can help. Around 90 – 95% of suppliers use the standard set up, so don’t be scared to be different. It can really pay off!


Don’t leave the show early or start breaking down before closing

Not only does leaving early look unprofessional, but you may miss potential business. It isn’t unusual for us to get a number of brides entering the show just before closing, and they may just be the ones that make a booking.


Don’t eat at your stall

I feel like this one is a little obvious, but we do see a lot of exhibitors sitting down and eating their lunch at their stall. This can be incredibly distracting for visitors and detract them from approaching you. This is another reason why you should have someone else attend the fayre with you on the day. It’s important that you take a well deserved break at a show.


Don’t forget to network

I met a lot of my contacts by attending Wedding Fayres in my spare time, and it’s always lovely to chat to fellow suppliers. Why not head over to some stalls and follow them on social media – It’s likely they’ll return the favour.

We like to upload photographs of exhibitor stalls on our Instagram story during the show, and we always like to tag the supplier so make sure you’re on Instagram and return the favour by sharing the story to yours, and follow the tagged suppliers. This just makes connecting suppliers super easy.


I hope that’s helped you understand the crucial dos and don’ts of exhibiting at a Wedding Fayre.

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Read Part 3: The Impact of Social Media at a Wedding Fayre and How To Use it to Your Benefit!

Business Guidance

How To Prepare for a Wedding Fayre: A Guide for Exhibitors (Part 1)

Fellici’s Ice Cream Cart
Photo credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography

We were thrilled to be guest speakers at the recent Wedding Industry Supplier Network event. We spoke about how to get the most out of exhibiting at a Wedding Fayre, sharing all our insider tips including the essential dos and don’ts.

Following this talk and the great response from the event, we decided to create a series of blog posts highlighting the most helpful points.

Each post in this series will cover the following topics:

  • How To Prepare for a Wedding Fayre
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Exhibiting at a Wedding Fayre
  • How To Increase Chances of Bookings at a Wedding Fayre

This post is all about preparing for a Wedding Fayre, and what you can do to ensure every box is ticked to give you the best possible chance of securing those all important bookings.

So, you’ve signed up to attend a Wedding Fayre… now what?

Branding & Literature

Branding is super important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression, but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. Your logo is the most important element of your branding because it is the face of the company, so it should be memorable and used across your promotional material. Colours and themes should also remain consistent throughout.

I would strongly advise having the following literature & promotional material featured at a Wedding Fayre:

  • A large promotional banner
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers / leaflets with a special offer or incentive included

I’ve seen exhibitors offer a sweet treat or incentive with their business card attached. This is a very good idea to help Brides remember you, and you’ll stand out for all the best reasons.

It’s also a good idea to have a treat available for children as they’re often brought to Wedding Fayres, and this is always massively appreciated by the parents because it keeps them quiet!

All the items you hand out should include your contact details and website to make it easy for Brides to get in touch following the event.

Stall by Lucky Nibs
Photo credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography
Branding by Flowers at the Dutch Barn
Photo credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography
Branding by Reel in Life
Photo credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography
Branding by Venue Dressing by Trinity
Photo credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography

Stall Appearance

When you are exhibiting alongside top industry professionals and your competitors, you must at all times strive to outshine them. Your exhibition space should be eye catching and completely irresistible for visitors to approach.

It’s essential that visitors recognise the kind of services you offer as soon as they see your stall. Your key message should strike a chord with your audience. It should summarise what you are offering and why your consumer needs it. There are often 30+ different exhibitors at a single Wedding Fayre, so it’s very easy for brides to get distracted by the variety. Don’t leave them confused about what you do because they’ll give up guessing very quickly.

It’s well worth checking with the organiser what is already included with the purchase of your space. More often than not, you’ll find that a trestle table and table cloth are provided for you.

I’d highly recommend setting up a mock stall at home. Being prepared in advance to the show means you’ll have time to play around with your space, and you’ll have a list of exactly everything you need to bring on the day, avoiding bringing any unnecessary items.

Stall by Flowers at the Dutch Barn at The Wild Pheasant Wedding Fayre, organised by Bouquet & Bells.
Photo credit: NR Imagery
Stall by Bloomsbury Cakes at Park Field House Wedding Fayre, organised by Bouquet & Bells.
Photo credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography

Goody Bags

Goody bags are something we know Brides love. We offer the first 100 Brides a goody bag on entry to all our shows. These goody bags are filled with special offers and discounts from exhibitors, as well as other treats including the latest copy of a top bridal magazine.

Take the opportunity to include your items in the goody bags. We don’t charge a fee and 100 Brides will walk away from the event with your details which is so valuable.

Special Offers / Incentives

One of the top reasons why Brides like to visit Wedding Fayres is to make the most of the exhibitor special offers and discounts.

Having a booking incentive at a Wedding Fayre can hugely increase chances of bookings, so it’s important you think carefully about what you could offer. If you don’t want to discount the price of your service or package then you could throw in a freebie instead. Either way this acts as a great incentive and will encourage visitors to engage in conversation.

I’d recommend extending your special offer for up to a week after the Wedding Fayre because some Brides prefer to book after the event once they’ve had a chance to look at your services in more detail.

Discount offer by Plume Creative
Photo credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography

I hope you’ve gained some useful tips and tricks on how to prepare for a Wedding Fayre. To view our line up of shows, please click here. We’re always looking to connect with more suppliers so please get in touch.

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Bridal Prep: How To Survive the Getting Ready Process (+ FREE schedule template!)

Your wedding day has finally arrived! You’ve probably not slept much the night before, and are conscious that numerous people are going to begin bundling through your front door any moment. So how can you keep calm and focused? How can you actually survive and enjoy the should-be-exciting getting ready process?

I was very lucky to get married in June this year, and I was really looking forward to having all my bridesmaids and closest family members around whilst I got ready, but I knew I had to prepare and I have a lot of tips that can help you survive the getting ready process (and actually enjoy it!).


It’s all in the prep

I’d highly recommend getting as organised as possible in advance to the day. This will avoid rushing around trying to get everything done on the morning of.

Buy some yummy nibbles, a range of drinks (soft and bubbly), make sure all the bathrooms are clean and beds are fresh for a relaxed start. I also arranged designated areas for the hair stylists and makeup artists to set up and prepared it for their arrival.

I also prepared a Spotify playlist, filled with feel good songs to play throughout the morning. You can listen and download it here.

Print off your morning schedule

I created a morning schedule with all the important events of the morning listed. This included things like what time the photographer was due to arrive, what time to leave for the church etc. Basically anything I needed to remember I put into the schedule.

Click here to download and print your own wedding morning schedule.

Remember to sit down & relax

It’s so important to take some time out to chill, have a bite to eat and drink lots of water. The time goes very quickly so it’s good to enjoy the moment.

Get dressed in plenty of time

The bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride should get into their dresses around 45 minutes before leaving, then they can all assist you.

My bridesmaids totally underestimated the amount of time if takes to get into dresses (sorry ladies!). The final half hour turned into a mad rush to get everyone dressed and out the door. The bridal cars were outside eagerly anticipating our departure, but the neighbours kept them chatting!

It’s important to remember that it will take the longest time to get you into your dress (especially if you have buttons running all down the back like I did!) so get your bridesmaids to help as soon as they’re dressed.

I hope you’ve gained some tips and tricks to getting ready on your wedding day. Don’t forget that you can access my library of free planning resources by clicking here.

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Top Hidden Wedding Costs Nobody Warns You About

Most Bride’s are unaware of hidden wedding costs. But you’re already very wise to search the net for any potential nasty surprises that will knock a hole in your budget.

With lots of hidden wedding costs sprinkled throughout the planning process, it can cause you to go way above your budget, around 30% in fact. Ouch.

So where are these hidden costs? And how can you avoid them? Listen up, my friend, cos’ I’m about to teach you a whole lot.

Grab a pen and paper to jot down some of my essential tips.



Are you going to hire a florist? A venue dresser? A cake maker? Each of these will charge various fees to cover transport costs, and the time it takes to set-up and breakdown items.

This can be anything from 20% of a single suppliers total costs. And obviously, the more suppliers you use, the more you can expect to pay in these fees.


Alterations can be costly for the Brides and Bridesmaids dresses. Before you buy, you must ask what the stores alteration policy is.

It’s extremely common for the Bride and Bridesmaids to fluctuate in size, and you don’t want to be forking out potentially double your original budget in alterations.

This can cost anything from £100 per dress.


It seems most Brides are still opting for the more traditional method of posting the invitations to guests. Which personally I LOVE, however, you must remember that not only are you paying for the invitations to be delivered, but also for stamps and RSVPs.

To keep costs down, avoid bulky or large invitations and use RSVP postcards rather than letters.


This is fo’ sure my biggest tip. If you take anything away with you today, let it be this.

Ask your venue what exactly is included in your chosen package.

Table linen? Chairs? Cake table? Lighting? These aspects can be the most costly for a wedding. And do you know why? Because it’s a WEDDING, so venues know they can be sneaky and charge up to triple what they usually would.

Be very careful that you’re not purely paying for hire of the venue.

These costs can add an additional £75 EXTRA per person. Say what?!


Bringing in your own wine sounds like a good get out of extra fees, right? It can be, but be wary of the corkage charges.

If you bring your own alcohol to avoid the venue’s costs, you may still rack up a similarly priced bill. And you may even be charged glass rental fees.

Corkage fees range from venue to venue, so it’s always worth asking.


While having an outdoor wedding may initially seem cheaper, you may have to get permits to hold your event. Add on rentals (marquee, heater, generator, etc.) can begin to get costly.

Some indoor venues will also require a permit if you choose to use candles or other non-approved details. Inquire about these before signing the contract.

Additional add ons can cost from £500.


Some venues charge extra for guests to select their own meal from a range of dishes. This can cost an additional £2 per person. However, this is not expected by guests so make life easier for yourselves and just choose some good all rounders.

If there’s no set price for a three course meal, be cheeky and save some buck by opting for the wedding cake as desert instead.


Did someone say taxes? Yawn. Listen up though, cos’ this is important.

Tax varies from country to country, however you can expect to fork out an extra 20% on food, drink and rental fees.

Make sure that the venue package is inclusive of VAT, or at least be aware of the extra costs you’ll possibly have to pay. Sometimes, you will even be taxed on the service charge, increasing costs more.

Taxes and tips will be around 1/3 of your budgeted amount.

I truly hope you learnt some useful tips. The bottom line is, always read the small print to avoid hidden fees.

TOTAL COSTS: £8,460+

Did you know you can access a range of free, useful documentation including spreadsheets, checklists and guides to help you plan your wedding, the RIGHT way?

Click here to gain access.

And I’m VERY excited to introduce a new planning program for Brides – launching soon! Click here and complete the form to be updated.

Happy planning!

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Wedding Flower SOS – How to find the perfect blooms + your free downloadable checklist!


Deciding which flowers you’d like at your wedding will help you to focus your discussions with your florist, and most importantly, stay within budget.

It always amazes me how much of a difference flowers make to the overall look of a wedding. They are an essential factor of the venue dressing, particularly now that most florists supply decorative fixtures and fittings too.

The first step to finding the perfect blooms is to sit down and put together a list of all the floral elements you could ever possibly need for your wedding day, including your favourite flowers. We’ve made things super easy for you by creating a pre-made checklist.

Not only that, but we’ve also attached a completely free downloadable version of the checklist for you to print off and take along to your florist appointment. So get your pencil out and start ticking off which flowers are the most essential for your wedding day.

Stuck for a professional, reliable florist? We’ve got an extensive list of trustworthy contacts that we’ve worked with all over the North West. Get in touch for some guidance

Number of daytime guests:
Number of evening guests:
Colour scheme:
Wedding theme:
Type of preferred flowers:

Bride, Bridesmaids and Flower Girl:
Number of Bridesmaids:
Number of Flower Girls:
□ Bride’s bouquet
□ Bride’s hair flowers
□ Bridesmaids’ bouquets
□ Bridesmaids’ hair flowers
□ Tossing bouquet
□ Flower girl’s basket

Grooms, Groomsmen, Ushers and Ring Bearer:
Number of Groomsmen:
□ Groom’s boutonniere
□ Groomsmen’s boutonnieres
□ Usher’s boutonnieres
□ Ring bearer’s boutonniere

Family Members:
□ Mother of the bride’s corsage
□ Mother of the groom’s corsage
□ Father of the bride’s boutonniere
□ Father of the groom’s boutonniere
□ Grandmother’s corsages
□ Grandfather’s boutonnieres

□ Entryway or welcome table arrangements
□ Altar/chuppah arrangements
□ Pew or chair arrangements
□ Candles
□ Aisle decorations
□ Confetti for guests

Reception Flowers:
Number of guest tables:
□ Entrance arrangements
□ Bar arrangements
□ Gift table arrangements
□ Table plan arrangement
□ Centerpieces
□ Top table arrangements
□ Bride’s and groom’s chair decorations
□ Guest chair decorations
□ Buffet-table/food-station arrangements
□ Lounge area arrangements
□ Flowers for wedding cake
□ Cake table arrangements
□ Bathroom decorations
□ Getaway car arrangements

Click here to download the checklist for free!

Did you know you can access a range of free, useful documentation including spreadsheets, checklists and guides to help you plan your wedding, the RIGHT way?

Click here to gain access.

Happy planning!

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13 Easy Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Day


Most couples want their Wedding day to be unique and personalised to them, but how can you do it? These are some simple ideas I’ve gathered together to make your guests “aww” and “ooh” their way throughout your big day.

Like any of the stationery items below? Get in touch and we can create them for you!

Follow us on Pinterest to keep up with our latest bits of inspiration, and to see more personalised ideas.

1. Have the ring bearer make an entrance


2. Provide the groomsmen with their own cufflinks


3. Have your new name and date of the wedding printed on your bridal shoes


4. Create personalised table place names

original_laser-cut-calligraphy-place-names copy5. Include your names and the date on your table plan


6. Print past photographs of you and your other half during the same year


7. Include napkin tags on each place


8. Print photographs of you and your other half for the bathroom doors


9. Create a hashtag and make guests aware


10. Provide people with a CD of your favourite love songs as wedding favours


11. Have your very own cake topper


12. Sew a label into your wedding dress – also great for your something blue!


13. Create a fun order of service


Which are your favourites?


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