Meet the Supplier

Meet the Supplier: DaisyBell Photography

As part of our brand new series, we’re so exited to be interviewing a selection of fantastic wedding specialists. We take pride in recommending the finest in the industry, and hope this series will help connect you with suppliers for your wedding day.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Lancashire based Wedding Photographer DaisyBell Photography.


Tell us more

I am a Lancashire based Wedding Photographer, covering the whole of the UK and destination Weddings. I love colour and happiness and the excitement of all of my couples special days, and I have a relaxed, natural, documentary style approach to photography and I love experimenting with light. 

What makes you different?

My natural and friendly approach I feel really appeals to my couples. I am very laid back and I love the candid style of photography. I will take the more formal photos for Grandma and Grandads to be proud of but I feel my couples really appreciate getting to see all the happy, natural smiles and laughter of their friends and family and special moments they might have missed throughout the day. I stay in the background all day you will not know I am there, waiting for and hunting down those perfect shots.

How did it all start?

I have always had a love of photography since leaving university with a creative design degree in 2006. I started my business after some of my friends asked me to photograph their weddings after seeing my hobby of street photography grow. Since then, my business has grown from strength to strength and I have been fortunate to photography some amazing weddings both in the UK and abroad. 

Why should couples choose you?

I am super friendly and I love to really get to know my couples before their big day as this really helps create a unique relationship between us. We go for coffee at their venue before their wedding day and take a walk around the grounds to discuss where they would like their portrait session. Some of my couples have even become friends! 

Words of wisdom

Take your time and enjoy the run up to your big day. Even though it may seem like a lifetime away, you will never get this time back. Prepare yourself for an amazingly emotional day, cherish every moment and make sure to make memories that will last a life time. Take time out as a couple on your Wedding Day, go for a glass of champagne on your own and just enjoy the moment you have to yourselves. 

Contact DaisyBell Photography / 07966 028621

Instagram: @daisybell_photography

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Meet the Supplier

Meet the Supplier: The Distillery Box

As part of our brand new series, we’re so exited to be interviewing a selection of fantastic wedding specialists. We take pride in recommending the finest in the industry, and hope this series will help connect you with suppliers for your wedding day.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce trendy mobile bar company The Distillery Box.


Tell us more

A mobile bar service offering the option of a beautifully converted Richardson horse box which is now a fully functioning bar which can be perfectly placed outside or inside (Marquee/Barn) and/or a rustic style bar which is perfect for indoor events or garden parties. (This comes in either a 6ft or 12ft size).

What makes you different?

We understand how important the bar is for your big day which is why tailor every aspect of the bar creating an everlasting experience. Starting with the drinks; we will supply and serve any drink that you desire, you have the choice of any drink on draught and we will create and personalise cocktails for the happy couple.

We will colour co-ordinate the dressing of the bar(s) to ensure its in keeping with your wedding theme. Finally, we feel passionate about our environmental footstep which is why we offer the option of biodegradable plant cups or glassware as well as recycling everything that we use (we even use plant-based ink and recycled materials for our business cards and flyers). 

How did it all start?

Our journey began after working for years in the events and hospitality industry and feeling frustrated that our ideas to improve the services on offer where not being taken on board – so one day we sat down and decided we wanted to do something we were really passionate about. After a couple of weeks of bouncing ideas about we decided to combine our love of working with people with our love of all things distilled, and The Distillery Box was born!

Why should couples choose you?

We have over 25 years experience in customer service and believe in creating an experience that will help realise your vision of your special day or event. Our top priority is exceeding your expectations and providing nothing less than the highest level of customer care. We don’t want to be strangers on your big day when serving your favourite tipple which is why we ensure we build a good relationship throughout the planning and preparation on the run up to your big day. 

Words of wisdom

Don’t forget it’s YOUR day, you should feel like it is a day that you have created and not a day that has been restricted by too many of … “You can’t have this and you can’t have that” because your wedding day should be full of love, laughter and a happily ever after. 

Contact The Distillery Box / 0161 743 9766

Instagram: @thedistillerybox
Twitter: @distillerybox

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Business Guidance

Top Tips for Creating a Beautiful Instagram Page for Businesses

Social media can be mind-boggling. Everything moves so quickly and platforms are constantly changing, meaning we have to keep adapting. However, something that rarely changes is your Instagram page.

Your Instagram page is the perfect window into your business. Whether you are a wedding photographer, makeup artist or something else, you use Instagram to feature your best work and build up a great following.

Your page offers a window into your world and it’s something you should be really proud of.

But more often that not, we see business grids that are messy, unorganised and just a bit unsatisfying. Your page needs to make people feel like they don’t want to miss your next post.

Now, I’m no expert, but I’ve recently been spending much more time working at Instagram to try and increase engagement and following. I’ve worked hard to improve my overall appearance and have formulated some of top tips that I’m about to share to help you create a beautiful Instagram page.

Photo Credit: Georgia de Lotz

Free Images

The first step to making your Instagram pretty is to post some high quality images. I often go to Unsplash if I’m feeling a little stuck for content. Unsplash has a fantastic catalogue of high quality, free images. It’s really easy to search for what you’re looking for, then just hit ‘download’ for instant access. Do make sure to credit the photographer though – after all, they’ve been so kind to give you their image for free!

There are plenty of other stock image services available too.

Colour Palette

Every business should have a set colour scheme. This may be colours picked from your logo, or simply a selection of colours that you love. I’d recommend having a few tones that all compliment each other. We love everything PINK so we use a range of baby pinks, fuchsia’s and neutrals.

Image Template

We love creating templates that we basically recycle constantly. It helps to keep style consistent and will help your brand become instantly recognisable.

It doesn’t have to be anything complex or something only a graphic designer would be able to create, as long as the colour and font remains the same that’s all that really matters.

Canva is a fantastic app for templates. Take a look what you can find and begin customising!

Get Creative

Play around with placement of images on your grid. I like to think of my Instagram page like a website – it should be attractive and organised. When visitors land on your page it should fill them with inspiration.

Create some templates and organise them in a fun way. For example, we’re currently hosting a series of Virtual Wedding Fayres so we simply created graphics with the initials ‘VWF’ and posted a sequence of posts to lay them out in different ways.


Profile Picture

Make sure your profile picture is an image that suits being cropped into a circle. I’ve seen so many profile pictures with people’s heads chopped off, or logos with text half missing.

Also ensure it’s fairly high res so it’s super clear and easy to read if it includes any text.

I’d strongly recommend featuring your logo rather than an image of yourself, as this instantly distinguishes that you’re a business page and not a personal profile.


It needs to be super clear who you are and what you do so as soon as someone lands on your profile they’re not left asking any questions. Make sure you’ve got a precise and to-the-point tag line visible at the top of your bio.

I’d also recommend stating where you’re based so others in the industry and your clientele instantly know if they would like to make a connection. For example Cheshire, UK.

Set a category to state your business type. Simply go to ‘Edit Profile’ then ‘Category’ and search for something appropriate.


Highlights are a fantastic way or organising your stories into categories. It can be tricky to know what categories to create, so start by thinking about the most common things you post. You can publish any of your previous story posts into your highlights, so have a flick through your roll and begin posting.

Think about your colour palette when creating the cover for your highlight too. If you want to get really professional, you can create your own icons – but bear in mind that you need to publish these on your stories first to use them as your highlight cover.

Giant Grid Posts

One of the most common questions I get asked is how I create those giant images that take up multiple grids. It’s so easy! I use a free app called ‘Grid Post‘.

You simply upload the image to the app and decide how many grids you want to split it up between. I usually go for all 9 (a square post), but sometimes just 3 or 6 is a nice way of breaking your feed.


That completes my run down of top tips for creating a beautiful Instagram page.

I hope it helps inspire you!


How To Maximise Your Chances of Succeeding at a Wedding Fayre – A Guide for Exhibitors


How To Maximise Your Chances of Succeeding at a Wedding Fayre

So you’ve signed up to exhibit at a Wedding Fayre… now what?

Bouquet & Bells want our exhibitors to have the best possible chances of succeeding at a Wedding Fayre.

Some companies have years of experience and have exhibited at various Wedding Exhibitions across the country, however some are new and don’t have the same experience.

That was our inspiration behind putting together a handy ‘how to’ pack – to inspire you and give you the best tips for the best chance of gaining bookings at a Wedding Fayre!

Use our guide to ensure every box is ticked to help you secure those all important bookings.

Click here to download our complete guide on improving your chances of succeeding at a Wedding Exhibition. It’s completely free.

We’ve split our guide into four handy sections.

Section One – Prepare

How to prepare for a Wedding Fayre including tips on how to improve your branding together with improving the appearance of your stall.

Section Two – The Dos and Don’ts

This section highlights the dos and don’ts of exhibiting at a Wedding Fayre based on Bouquet & Bells experience.

Section Three: The Impact of Social Media

The impact of social media and how you can make the most of your platforms and also using your followers to your advantage.

Section Four: Follow Up

How to connect with the people you met at the Wedding Fayre and tips with constructing the first method of communication.

Click here to download our complete guide on improving your chances of succeeding at a Wedding Exhibition


Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist (Free Downloadable PDF!)

Planning your wedding and don’t know where to start? Bouquet & Bells have put together an ultimate Wedding Planning checklist, covering every aspect of the planning process right from the word go to your wedding day.

Use our step-by-step guide to help ease the stress of planning your wedding day.

Download your FREE printable Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist. Print and check off as you go!

You can download more of our free planning resources by clicking here.



Attend a Wedding Fayre

Wedding Fayre’s are fantastic opportunity to meet local suppliers and to gain inspiration by the latest trends and new innovative ideas. Get your bridal / grooms parties together and organise a few trips to various shows near you.

You can view our line up of Wedding Fayres here.

Use Pinterest for Inspiration

Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration, especially if you’re willing to get your hands dirty and DIY a few bits & bobs! Start browsing and save some favourites.

Start a Healthy Eating & Exercise Program

If you want to lose some weight or simply tone up for your wedding then why not form a weekly plan on small changes to start right away. You and a friend could go to the gym together, or perhaps some evening power walks.

Introduce / Keep on Top of your Skincare Routine

Makeup artists will always say that your base is so important to achieving a flawless makeup look. A good skincare routine is key. Seek professional advise from a skincare expert as to what you should do to tailor to your specific skincare needs.

Decide on a Gift List

If you have a specific gift list you would like your guests to follow, make one available by enclosing it with your wedding invitations or display on your wedding website if you have one.

And finally… enjoy every minute of your wedding day because it will go so fast! The important thing is that you make all the decisions for you as a couple and not to worry about anyone else.

Remember you can download more of our Wedding Planning resources by clicking here.

Meet the Supplier

Meet the Supplier: Precious Pets Micro ID

Introducing our brand new ‘Meet the Supplier’ series. We’re so exited to be interviewing a selection of fantastic wedding specialists. We take pride in recommending the finest in the industry, and hope this series will help you find the perfect suppliers for your day.

We’re thrilled to introduce Precious Pets Micro ID.

Meet the Supplier: Precious Pets Micro ID

What services do you offer?

Exclusive Wedding Pet Chaperone Service

Couples would love to have their dog (fur baby) attend one of their most wonderful and exciting days of their life but struggle with logistics to ensure all of their friends and family members don’t miss out on any part of their wedding day.

This is why our Exclusive Wedding Pet Chaperone Service is so popular.  We plan, co-ordinate and take away all the stress for the happy couple so their dog can be a big part of their wedding day! 

Whether they would like their fur baby to be their ring bearer, best man, bridesmaid or just attend for an hour for the wedding photographs, we are here to make all of their wedding dreams a reality.  

We do not offer set packages as every wedding and their pet care needs are different.  We create a tailor made package to meet the couple’s requirements so that they have complete peace of mind on their special day. 

Wedding Day Pet Sitting

A great alternative to our Chaperone Service …

Not every dog is suitable to attend the wedding due to venues restrictions, their temperament or well being. 

We have also found that friends or family members struggle with pet care whilst attending the wedding.  Some guests have to travel a long distance and want to bring their dog along but again, struggle with pet care options, as they don’t want to miss out on any part of the wedding day.

Meet the Supplier: Precious Pets Micro ID

What makes you different? 

Dog arriving in style to the wedding!

We are popular with couples due to the quirky additions which make our Exclusive Wedding Pet Chaperone Service unique!

Couples love the concept of their dog arriving in style in their own wedding car/vehicle.  They can choose either a Mini Cooper or a Brand New Professional Converted Dog Van.

What is even more special is that the car/van is decorated with our specially patented designed wedding car ribbons and bows!

Dog Ring Bearer mechanism!

We have created a simple but proven mechanism whereby their dog delivers the rings down the aisle in a safe, secure and fun manner.

Meet the Supplier: Precious Pets Micro ID

How did it all start? 

Precious Pets Micro ID is a husband and wife team established Pet Care Service.

In 2018, we decided it was the right time for Adrian to change career direction and pursue his lifelong dream of working with dogs and to train as a self-employed Professional Dog Grooming Stylist.

After three months of commuting to Manchester, Adrian became a fully qualified Dog Grooming Stylist. To subsidise his grooming services and income we decided to set up a number of additional pet care services which included dog walking, puppy visits, cat care at home and mobile micro chipping.

2017/2018 was a very popular time for our friends and family getting married and who all owned dogs.  Kennels was definitely not an option for their dogs on their wedding day, so rather than a gift, they asked us to care for and chaperone their dogs at the wedding, which, of course, we did! 

One evening, whilst putting our business strategy together, we decided to put together a Wedding Pet Chaperone Service and commence a large-scale market research campaign with pet owners and brides/grooms by attending wedding shows and venue showcases and the creation of social media polls.  

The feedback we received was unbelievable and extremely positive. It became very apparent to us that there was a large gap in the market for our Exclusive Wedding Pet Service in the wedding industry, within our local areas and the UK.

It was also very clear that kennels were not an option for many couples (as we had discovered with our friends and family), as the dog was considered to be a precious and important member of their family.  They wanted them to be part of their wedding day but everyone who would normally care for their dog would be pre-occupied either getting ready for the big day or actually attending the wedding. 

So we launched our Exclusive Wedding Pet Chaperone Service (Dogs at Weddings) and the rest is history.  We have been overwhelmed by all the bookings, couples’ testimonials and wedding venue collaborations.  

Meet the Supplier: Precious Pets Micro ID

Biggest achievements

The Wedding Industry Awards 2020 – Regional Finalists (West Midlands) – Special Touch Category

Featured in Staffordshire Living Magazine

A main feature in the October 2019 edition of the Cheshire Life magazine

Appeared on BBC Radio Stoke

We have exclusivity at a variety of large high profile wedding shows in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire. 

We have become official Suppliers for a variety of top wedding venues in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire.

Meet the Supplier: Precious Pets Micro ID

Why should couples choose you? 

Caring for your pets is more than just a business to us, it’s our passion. 

As a family run business, our ethos is to look after your pets as if they were our own, whilst delivering a professional pet care service which is tailored to your specific pet care needs on a daily basis or as part of your special wedding day.

Meet the Supplier: Precious Pets Micro ID

Words of wisdom

If you are considering having your dog at your wedding, check out these Dog Friendly Wedding Top Tips

Important Considerations:

  • If you wish to include your fur baby, ensure that you book a dog friendly wedding venue or one with an outside area for photographs
  • Ensure that all guests will be aware that a dog is attending the wedding, in case of allergies. A lovely idea is to send out a ‘save the date’ card featuring a photo of your dog
  • You may wish your dog to simply be a guest of honour at your wedding but if you would like them to play a specific role in the ceremony, think carefully about how this will work. Popular choices are a dog ring bearer or a dog flower girl but ensure that your pet has the right temperament to cope with all the attention
  • Rehearse as much as you can with your dog before the big day and leave ample time to practice during the actual rehearsal
  • If you are considering a special dog wedding collar or accessory, make sure that it is safe and comfortable for your dog. Certain flowers or foliage can be poisonous to dogs so it is vital to check
  • Let your wedding photographer know that you are planning on bringing your dog to your wedding. This will ensure that they are ready to capture your adorable pet in action and come up with some great fun ideas for wedding photos
  • At busy times our wedding pet chaperoning service is very much in demand. To avoid disappointment we would advise getting in touch as soon as possible. We would love to chat to you about your exciting plans and how we can help you have a real furrytail wedding! 

Photo credit: Naomi, Seth and Buddy Photos, Neil Redfearn Photography

Contact them / 07768 917150