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We were thrilled to be guest speakers at the recent Wedding Industry Supplier Network event. We spoke about how to get the most out of exhibiting at a Wedding Fayre, sharing all our insider tips including the essential dos and don’ts.

Following this talk and the great response from the event, we decided to create a series of blog posts highlighting the most helpful points.

Each post in this series will cover the following topics:

This post is all about preparing for a Wedding Fayre, and what you can do to ensure every box is ticked to give you the best possible chance of securing those all important bookings.

So, you’ve signed up to attend a Wedding Fayre… now what?

Branding & Literature

Branding is super important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression, but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. Your logo is the most important element of your branding because it is the face of the company, so it should be memorable and used across your promotional material. Colours and themes should also remain consistent throughout.

I would strongly advise having the following literature & promotional material featured at a Wedding Fayre:

I’ve seen exhibitors offer a sweet treat or incentive with their business card attached. This is a very good idea to help Brides remember you, and you’ll stand out for all the best reasons.

It’s also a good idea to have a treat available for children as they’re often brought to Wedding Fayres, and this is always massively appreciated by the parents because it keeps them quiet!

All the items you hand out should include your contact details and website to make it easy for Brides to get in touch following the event.

Stall by Lucky Nibs
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Branding by Flowers at the Dutch Barn
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Branding by Reel in Life
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Branding by Venue Dressing by Trinity
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Stall Appearance

When you are exhibiting alongside top industry professionals and your competitors, you must at all times strive to outshine them. Your exhibition space should be eye catching and completely irresistible for visitors to approach.

It’s essential that visitors recognise the kind of services you offer as soon as they see your stall. Your key message should strike a chord with your audience. It should summarise what you are offering and why your consumer needs it. There are often 30+ different exhibitors at a single Wedding Fayre, so it’s very easy for brides to get distracted by the variety. Don’t leave them confused about what you do because they’ll give up guessing very quickly.

It’s well worth checking with the organiser what is already included with the purchase of your space. More often than not, you’ll find that a trestle table and table cloth are provided for you.

I’d highly recommend setting up a mock stall at home. Being prepared in advance to the show means you’ll have time to play around with your space, and you’ll have a list of exactly everything you need to bring on the day, avoiding bringing any unnecessary items.

Stall by Flowers at the Dutch Barn at The Wild Pheasant Wedding Fayre, organised by Bouquet & Bells.
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Stall by Bloomsbury Cakes at Park Field House Wedding Fayre, organised by Bouquet & Bells.
Photo credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography

Goody Bags

Goody bags are something we know Brides love. We offer the first 100 Brides a goody bag on entry to all our shows. These goody bags are filled with special offers and discounts from exhibitors, as well as other treats including the latest copy of a top bridal magazine.

Take the opportunity to include your items in the goody bags. We don’t charge a fee and 100 Brides will walk away from the event with your details which is so valuable.

Special Offers / Incentives

One of the top reasons why Brides like to visit Wedding Fayres is to make the most of the exhibitor special offers and discounts.

Having a booking incentive at a Wedding Fayre can hugely increase chances of bookings, so it’s important you think carefully about what you could offer. If you don’t want to discount the price of your service or package then you could throw in a freebie instead. Either way this acts as a great incentive and will encourage visitors to engage in conversation.

I’d recommend extending your special offer for up to a week after the Wedding Fayre because some Brides prefer to book after the event once they’ve had a chance to look at your services in more detail.

Discount offer by Plume Creative
Photo credit: Kate Mayo Wedding Photography

I hope you’ve gained some useful tips and tricks on how to prepare for a Wedding Fayre. To view our line up of shows, please click here. We’re always looking to connect with more suppliers so please get in touch.

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